Mashiso (mash-i-so) is the Korean word for “tasty” or “delicious”. For years, my friends, both Korean and non Korean have adopted that word to describe anything that we love, have become addicted to or can’t live without. For us, it can mean discovering the best face serums to the best shopping app and of course, our never fail trick to making chef worthy meals at home. This is a collection of lists, suggestions, tips, articles and links that will bring more “Mashiso” into all aspects of your busy life.

I hope this site will be an outlet where you can find the latest beauty products or discover what global trends are influencing pop culture…yes, often through my own filter as a mom, as an entrepreneur, as a journalist and as an Asian American.  I wanted a space online where we could, as a community of information-hungry women create a space to talk about the full range of interests that make up our every day lives.  I hope like the best kinds of dishes, this site will have its own flavor, that you’ll bring your own spice and this will be on your daily menu!  (Ok, ok, I’ll stop with the food analogies.)

Enjoy, share, dig in….xx Su