World Grieves With South Korea

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All day long I’ve been glued to the radio and the newsfeeds listening to the stories coming out of Korea today on the anniversary of the South Korean ferry disaster.  It’s so rare that I hear Korean coming out of my American radio…so incredibly jarring to hear the voices that sound like my mother, my aunts, crying out in pain.  For some reason, more than the images, it’s the voices that feel so real, in a language that feels so intimate to me.  One Korean mother who has yet to recover the body of her 6 year old is said to be “heartbroken” in the translation, but what she says in Korean is more literally that “she feels as if her chest has been torn open”.   You don’t need a translator to hear that kind of pain.  You don’t need to understand the language to feel her sorrow.  For every mother that has ever lost a child, I suppose in a way, today is a day to grieve, to remember, to feel the immense loss.

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